State Organics Recycling Study

Quantifying composting activity is an uphill battle, with variant zoning and regulatory requirements placing composting facilities in dramatically different jurisdictions. The State Organics Recycling Study works to make the apples and oranges data that states collect intelligible and uniform. Led by Composting Collaborative founding partner BioCycle, the Study assesses how many composting facilities are operating in a given state and categorizes operations by volume and accepted feedstocks. Stemming from a state survey included in the 2014 State of Composting Report that assessed 2013 data, the 2017 State Organics Recycling Study will be the industry's most recent quantification of state-level infrastructure and processing capacity for both composting and anaerobic digestion facilities.

Full Report Coming Fall 2017

In the meantime, read up on what the snapshot survey entails and how the data will impact the industry.